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Center for Financial Research

CFR Seminar Series Library - 2010

The Seminar Series of the FDIC's Center for Financial Research, Division of Insurance and Research provides the research community and other interested parties with the results of research efforts by economists in the Division. Since much of the research is ongoing, the authors welcome comments from readers. Seminar Papers should not be reproduced without prior approval from the author.

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January 7 - Gary Fissel (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) - Risk Weight on Loan Performance

January 13 - Abigail Brown (University of Technology Sydney) - The Social Welfare Cost of Fraud: Insights from an agent based model

January 14 - Xuan S. Tam (University of Virginia) - Long-Term Contracts in Unsecured Credit Markets

January 15 - Smith Williams (University of California Irvine - Do Minimum Wage Workers Favor the Minimum Wage? Evidence from a Ballot Initiative

January 19 - Jonathan Pogach (University of Pennsylvania) - Efficient Auditing and Enforcement in Dynamic Contracts

January 27 - David Givens (University of Maryland) - Defining Governance Matters: A Factor Analytic Assessment of Governance Institutions

February 4 - Robert F. Sarama, Jr. (The Ohio State University) - Pricing Housing Market Returns

February 12 - Ilya Rahkovsky (Michigan State University) - Disclosure of Medical Information in Health Insurance

February 16 - Lee Hu (University of Georgia) - Pre-Merger Coordination with Uncertain Detection

February 17 - Grace Kim (Layola University Maryland) - Bank Switching by Small Enterprises: Does Gender Matter?

February 18 - Xiaoling Ang (Princeton University) - The Effects of the Generosity of Parental Leave Benefits on Labor Supply and Fertility: Evidence from a Canadian Natural Experiment

February 19 - Erik Scherpf (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) - Credit Constraints, Income Risk and the Use of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Savings Plans at Job Change

February 22 - Brian Scholl (University of California at Berkeley) - Can Participatory Democracy Promotion Interventions Promote Political Participation?

February 23 - Bing Xu (University of Georgia) - The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, Consumer Bankruptcy Filings and Chapter Composition

February 24 - Chi-Jack Lin (The Ohio State University) - Racial Discrimination in the Consumer Credit Market

February 25 - Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar (East Carolina University) - Equity Returns and Business Cycles in Small Open Economies

February 26 - Shannon Mok (University of Wisconsin - Madison) - Precautionary Savings or Bequest Motives? Evidence from the Health Spending of the Elderly

March 14 - Paul Kupiec (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) - Compensation, Subordinated Debt, and Risk Management in Depository Institutions

April 1 - Andrew W. Lo (MIT Sloan School of Management) - Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine-Learning Algorithms

April 6 - Hao Zhou (Federal Reserve Board) - Assessing the Systemic Risk of a Heterogeneous Portfolio of Banks during the Recent Financial Crisis

April 21 - Lee Davison (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and Ashley Carreon (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) - Fund Adequacy and the Value of Maintaining Assessment Income: A Historical Hypothetical Example

April 22 - Ethan Cohen-Cole (University of Maryland) - Your House or Your Credit Card, Which Would You Choose? Personal Delinquency Tradeoffs and Precautionary Liquidity Motives

July 21 - Ryan Goodstein, Paul Hanouna, Carlos Ramirez, Christof Stahel (FDIC and CFR Fellows) - Are Foreclosures Contagious?

August 3 - Kyung So Im (FDIC) and Junsoo Lee (University of Alabama) and Margie Tieslau (Northern Texas University) - Panel LM Unit Root Tests with Trend Shifts

August 5 - Rosalind L. Bennett (FDIC) and Levent Guntay (FDIC) and Haluk Unal (University of Maryland and Center for Financial Research FDIC) - Does Inside Debt Reduce Bank Risk?

September 21 - Kenneth D. Jones (FDIC) - Does Financial Regulatory Structure Matter? Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009

October 20 - Gary Fissel (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and Gerald A. Hanweck (George Mason University) - Roots of Residential Mortgage Delinquencies in U.S. 2000-2008

November 23 - Rebel A. Cole (DePaul University) and Timothy J. Curry (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) - What Happens to Problem Banks? Evidence from the 1980s and Guidance for the 2010s