Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Bank Supervision:

Bank Supervision:
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Deposit Claims & Asset Sales
Doing Business with the FDIC
Personnel Administration

Doing Business with the FDIC - Contracting and Leasing

Form Title    
Background Investigation Questionnaire for Contractor Personnel & Subcontractors
FDIC 1600/04
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Word file
Background Investigation Questionnaire For Contractors
FDIC 1600/07
 PDF file Word file

Confidentiality Agreement for Contractors
FDIC 3700/46

  Word file
Confidentiality Agreement for Contractor Personnel
FDIC 3700/46A
  Word file
Cover and Signature Pages   Word file

FDIC Integrity and Fitness Representations and Certifications

PDF file Word file

FDIC Leasing Representations and Certifications
FDIC 3700/44

PDF file Word file
FDIC Contractor Representations and Certifications
FDIC 3700/04A
PDF file   Word file

Notice and Authorization Pertaining to Consumer Reports
FDIC 1600/10

PDF file Word file
Part 366 - Minimum Standards of Integrity and Fitness for an FDIC Contract   Word file 
Payee Information for Automatic Deposit of Payment
FDIC 4531/09
PDF file  Word file
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification
FDIC 4531/10
PDF file Word file

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