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Contractor Resource List

FDIC maintains a Contractor Resource List of potential contractors to assist with work related to failing financial institutions and associated requirements. FDIC will use information from the Contractor Resource List, as well as other sources, when developing solicitation lists for future contract requirements. Please be aware that the numbers of firms that are marketing to do business with FDIC is significant. FDIC does not guarantee that all firms that submit a corporate capabilities statement will be included in future requests for proposals. If you are interested in being included on the Contractor Resource List, please submit your corporate capabilities to the following e-mail address: procurementopportunities@fdic.gov.

Please include the following information:

Also, please identify which of the four categories of work apply to your company:

You may also send any other information about you or your company's capabilities as an attachment to the email.

A representative of the Acquisition Services Branch will confirm that your information was received. If you have questions about the Contractor Resource List, please call (703) 562-2488.