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Unclaimed Deposits Information
Question and Answer Guide for Washington Mutual Bank, Henderson, NV and Washington Mutual Bank, FSB, Park City, UT
  1. What about my account(s)?
  2. Why can't the FDIC send me my money?
  3. Will my money continue to earn interest?
  4. How do I claim my account?
  5. How do I contact the state?
  6. When will my money be available?
  7. Who do I call at Chase for information?
1.  My account statement from JPMorgan Chase (Chase) shows a zero balance and has this telephone number to call. What happened?

On April 15th 2010, in accordance to federal law, JP Morgan Chase, (the buyer of Washington Mutual Bank which failed September 25, 2008), will transfer any unclaimed funds in your account(s) you had at Washington Mutual to the FDIC. The FDIC will process and transfer these funds to the State that was listed in your address with Washington Mutual Bank. JP Morgan Chase has mailed letters to that address which was listed and does not have any record of any claims being made for these funds.

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2.   Why can't the FDIC send me my money?
The Unclaimed Deposit Amendments Act of 1993, 12 USC 1822(e), requires the FDIC to deliver any unclaimed deposits to the custody of the appropriate state as unclaimed property unless the appropriate state declines to accept custody.
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3.  Will my money continue to earn interest?
Your money ceased to earn interest as of 3/31/2010.
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4.   How do I claim my account?
The money is being transferred to the state that was listed as part of your address on Washington Mutual Banks records when the bank failed. Check with the unclaimed property unit of that state.
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5.  How do I contact the state?
Each state has its own website outlining the process for unclaimed funds. Check the internet or your telephone book to contact your state. A state specific website is also available at: http://www.fdic.gov/bank/individual/failed/unclaimed_property_states.html. You may also visit http://www.missingmoney.com.
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6.   When will my money be available?
Chase will refund the unclaimed deposits to the FDIC on April 15, 2010. Your funds will then be reconciled and processed by the FDIC and sent to the appropriate state(s). This process will vary by state. In addition, the states may need extra time for processing the funds. Please take this time frame into consideration before initiating contact with the appropriate state.
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7.  If I need to talk to someone at Chase, what is the contact information?
To contact JPMorgan Chase, please call 1-800-935-9935.
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