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  • Confidence for the Future: An FDIC Symposium
    (1053Kb PDF file - PDF help or hard copy) Proceedings of a 1998 FDIC-sponsored symposium on the nature and role of deposit insurance.
    - Posted On: 10/29/01
  • FDIC Consumer News, Fall 1998: Special Report on the Year 2000, Your Bank and You - The FDIC, as part of its efforts to help consumers separate accurate Y2K information from scare stories, is devoting an entire issue of its quarterly FDIC Consumer News to the Year 2000 problem. This special report includes: answers to questions bank customers may have about the Year 2000; comments from FDIC Chairman Tanoue about how the agency’s Y2K efforts will serve the interests of banking customers; information about how the FDIC and other regulators are working to ensure that banking institutions are minimizing the potential for Y2K disruptions; suggested steps bank customers can take to protect themselves; and a list of useful government resources on Y2K matters. No Longer Available
    - Posted On: 12/22/98
  • December, 1998 Call Report Forms - The December Call Report Forms are now available. - Posted On: 12/18/98
  • Notice of Agency Meeting - Posted On: 12/14/98
  • Regional Outlook, Fourth Quarter 1998 This quarter’s publication includes a series of three articles focusing on consolidation activity in the banking industry. The regional analysts continue to report a slowdown in sectors tied to U.S. exports, particularly exports to Asian markets, and increasing risk in some banking lines of business.
    - Posted On: 12/09/98
  • Summary Of Deposits is now available through June 1998 with new interactive features
    - Posted On: 12/09/98
  • The Survey of Real Estate Trends has been updated to provide results of the October 1998 survey
    - Posted On: 12/04/98
  • The Report of Underwriting Practices has been updated to provide information for the April through September 1998 period - Posted On: 12/04/98


  • Managing the Crisis - The FDIC and RTC Experience 19801994: - The historical study of how the FDIC and RTC handled the bank and thrift failures during the banking crisis of the 1980's. - Posted On: 11/18/98
  • 1998 ~ 2003 FDIC STRATEGIC PLAN- The FDIC Board of Directors has approved a revised Strategic Plan. The revised Strategic Plan emphasizes results to be achieved and focuses on the FDIC's mission to contribute to stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system through the FDIC's three programs - Insurance, Supervision, and Receivership Management. - Posted On: 11/18/98
  • Notice of Agency Meeting - Posted On: 11/12/98
  • Historical Statistics on Banking updated with new interactive features - Posted On: 11/10/98






  • FDIC-Y2K Email List - The FDIC has created a new mailing list that will inform subscribers of the latest announcements regarding Year 2000 issues (Electronic version no longer available). Posted On: 06/29/98
  • The Year 2000 Date Change - A new consumer brochure published by the FDIC explains the steps that insured financial institutions are taking to prepare for the Year 2000 date change. See the related Financial Institution Letter 67-98: FDIC Consumer Information Brochure on the Year 2000 Date Change. Posted On: 06/26/98
  • Deposit Insurance Symposium - Addresses the role and nature of deposit insurance. Posted On: 06/17/98
  • 1998 First Quarter Quarterly Banking Profile Posted On: 06/11/98
  • Is My Bank Insured? Find out if your bank is insured, when it became insured, when it was established and much more. Posted On: 06/11/98
  • June, 1998 Call Report Forms Posted On: 06/9/98
  • Suspicious Internet Banking --Ways to determine whether an entity is an FDIC-insured institution and instructions for reporting suspicious web sites. Posted On: 06/1/98



  • What You Need to Know About Your Federal Government Payment: The Consumer News Index page now contains a link to the Department of Treasury where you can find out all you need to know about your Federal government payment. Starting on January 2, 1999, the Federal government will issue most of it payments electronically. Find out what you need to know and what you should do now. Posted On: 4/15/98
  • Winter 1997/1998 issue of FDIC Consumer News Posted On: 4/9/98
  • FDIC Affordable Housing Program Posted On: 4/7/98


  • The Financial Results for 1997 is now available. Posted On: 3/31/98
  • FDIC Rules and Regulations - The complete text of the FDIC's Law, Regulations and Related Acts (Rules and Regulations), with interactive search capability; is now available. Policy statements approved by the FDIC Board of Directors, selected General Counsel opinions, legal advisory opinions, consumer laws and regulations related to banking, and selected Federal Reserve regulations are also part of the service. Posted On: 3/26/98
  • Bank Trends The rising level of credit card debt is often cited as one of the factors in the rising personal bankruptcy rate. This paper argues that a 1978 Supreme Court decision ("Marquette") set the U.S. on a course of rising personal bankruptcies when it deregulated consumer interest rates. The paper, which is the fourth in a series on personal bankruptcies, argues that interest rate deregulation fundamentally altered the market for credit card loans and resulted in expanded availability of credit, an increase in the average risk profile of borrowers, and a secular increase in personal bankruptcies. Posted On: 3/26/98
  • Regional Outlook for First Quarter 1998 Posted On: 3/24/98
  • March 1998 Call Report Forms are now available. Posted On: 3/20/98
  • 1997 Fourth Quarter Quarterly Banking Profile Posted On: 3/12/98
  • FDIC Banking Review, Vol. 10 No. 2 - Published: February, 1998 Posted On: 3/11/98

  • January 1998 Survey of Real Estate Trends Posted On: 2/25/98
  • Bank Trends - Personal bankruptcies have reached historically high levels in the U.S. and have coincided with a marked increase in consumer loan charge-offs. Three new papers investigate the rising trend and discuss the future course of personal bankruptcy filings. Posted On: 2/16/98


  • History of the Eighties: Analyzes the causes of the extraordinary number of bank failures in the 1980s and early 1990s and evaluates the legislative, regulatory, and supervisory responses to those failures. Provides an assessment of the implications for deposit insurance and bank supervision in the future. Posted On: 1/28/98
  • Board Orders - Orders Related to Matters Considered by the Board of Directors. Posted On: 1/27/98
  • FDIC Institutions - enhanced and updated FDIC Institutions search. Searchable and downloadable by bank holding company, institution, and branch office. Posted On: 1/20/98
  • Statistics on Banking for the Third Quarter 1997 are now available. Historical, as well as annual and quarterly reports are also available. Posted On: 1/16/98
  • CRA Ratings Search is now available Posted On: 1/2/98

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