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  • Summary of Deposits
    The annual FDIC/OTS Summary of Deposit has been updated with information on more than 84,000 branches of FDIC-insured institutions from 1994 through June 1999. You may search for Market Share information at the individual bank, county, state, and bank holding company (within state) level or select aggregate data at the state and county level and for metropolitan statistical areas.
    --Posted December 16, 1999
  • Fourth Quarter 1999 Regional Outlook
    Quarterly in-depth review of economic and banking activity, with reports for each of the eight FDIC regions as well as a national summary.
    --Posted December 16, 1999
  • International Directory of Deposit Insurers Provides information on how to contact deposit insurers, central banks and other entities involved in deposit insurance functions in over 70 countries. 213Kb PDF file - PDF help; hard copy will not be available until late January 2000)
    --Posted December 16, 1999
  • Guide to the Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee Process
    A compilation of the Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee's current practices. The Guide outlines the uniform process that U.S. federal banking agencies use to supervise country risk in U.S. banks.
    (101Kb PDF file - PDF help or hard copy)
    --Posted December 10, 1999
  • Interagency Website Privacy Survey Report
    Federal banking agencies' survey report describing the data collection and privacy disclosure practices of bank and savings association web sites.
    --Posted December 10, 1999
  • Spanish Version: Sus Depósitos Asegurados
    Now in Spanish: The FDIC's most popular brochure--"Questions and Answers About Your Insured Deposits"--explains how FDIC deposit insurance works.
    --Posted December 7, 1999
  • FDIC Consumer News--Fall 1999
    The latest issue of this FDIC quarterly answers questions about how banks are protecting themselves and their customers from Year 2000 problems, explains how to better understand your credit card, and summarizes highlights of recently enacted financial modernization legislation.
    --Posted on December 3, 1999


  • FDIC Publishes Semiannual Agenda Of Regulations
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has published its semiannual agenda of regulations in the Federal Register to inform the public of the Corporation's regulatory actions and encourage participation in the rulemaking process.
    --Posted on November 24, 1999
  • Consumer Confidence in Banking Y2K Preparation Rises Sharply
    Current figures indicate nine out of ten U.S. bank customers believe that their banks are ready for the Year 2000-or Y2K-according to a new survey by the Gallup Organization.
    --Posted November 18, 1999


  • Questions about deposit insurance or a financial institution?
    The FDIC's new interactive Customer Assistance form can answer your questions about deposit insurance or other issues concerning a financial institution. Check out the new form . . . and the many other information resources on the Customer Assistance page.
    --Posted on October 21, 1999
  • October 1999 FDIC Banking Review Published
    Articles in the current FDIC Banking Review investigate the effects of bank examinations and enforcement actions on problem banks' behavior; examine the history of depositor preference laws and the costs and benefits of the 1993 national depositor preference legislation; and summarize information on regulatory agency actions, state legislation and regulation.
    --Posted on October 8, 1999
  • FDIC Enforcement Decisions and Orders
    This on-line edition of the popular loose-leaf service includes the complete text of FDIC's enforcement decisions and consent decrees along with other orders and opinions. Two different search facilities enable full text or structured queries based on state, financial institution, party subject to the action, type of action, year, and paragraph or docket number.
    --Posted on October 7, 1999
  • Consumer News - Summer 1999
    The FDIC doesn't just guard your deposits in insured institutions. That's why the latest edition of FDIC Consumer News explains how we help consumers with banking questions and problems . . . and how you can help yourself. The same issue also features a Y2K quiz for consumers and mortgage shopping tips.
    --Posted on October 7, 1999


  • Web Card Catalog
    FDIC introduces a new tool to help you look for specific products on our Web site based on keywords and other criteria. When you're looking for a product rather than words or phrases within documents, Web Card Catalog searches deliver fast and focused results. Try it!
    --Posted on August 25, 1999
  • Third Quarter 1999 Regional Outlook
    Quarterly in-depth review of economic and banking activity, with reports for each of the eight FDIC regions as well as a national summary.
    -Posted on August 24, 1999
  • FDIC Law, Regulations and Related Acts
    The latest bimonthly update of the complete text of FDIC's "Rules and Regs" has been posted. The online version offers full-text searching in addition to all the tables of contents and indices of the printed publication.
    -Posted on August 24, 1999
  • The Year 2000, Your Bank and You - Chinese and Korean versions of the FDIC's customer brochure explain what the Year 2000 date change means to you and your financial institution. (Electronic version no longer available)
    --Posted on August 21, 1999


  • Jobs@FDIC - Current FDIC employment opportunities are now available.
    --Posted on July 13, 1999


  • The March 1999 quarterly financial reports all federally insured banks and thrift institutions must file with regulatory agencies now are available on the Call and Thrift Financial Reports site. The financial reports include both the Reports of Condition and Income, generally known as "Call Reports", for all FDIC-insured commercial banks, and the Thrift Financial Reports(TFRS) for all FDIC-insured thrift institutions.
  • June, 1999 Report of Condition and Income (Call Report) Forms
  • The staff's semi-annual evaluation of Economic Conditions and Emerging Risks in Banking provides analysis of the current favorable economic conditions, but notes trends in several banking lines of business that may pose risks to insured institutions. Among the areas highlighted for analysis are subprime lending, high loan-to-value lending, leveraged commercial lending, commercial real estate markets, and agricultural bank credit quality.
  • Notice of Agency Meeting of the FDIC Board of Directors
    June 3, 1999 , FDIC Headquarters
    Robert E. Feldman, Executive Secretary , (202) 898-6757



  • 1999 Annual Performance Plan
    --Posted On: 4/16/1999
  • Notice of Agency Meeting on April 20, 1999
    --Posted On: 04/14/1999


  • March, 1999 Call Report Forms
    --Posted On: 03/29/199
  • 1999 FOIA Fee Schedule
    --Posted On: 03/24/1999
  • Helping People in Your Community Understand Basic Financial Services - this document is intended for use with individuals who currently do not have accounts with financial institutions or who need basic information about how to use accounts.
    --Posted On: 03/23/1999
  • The first publication of the Regional Outlook National Edition is now available. The National Edition highlights the Regional analysis of trends affecting FDIC-insured institutions across the United States. The eight unabridged Regional editions will continue to be published for readers who want detailed information about trends in their regions. The In Focus series this quarter describes trends affecting commercial and consumer lending.
    --Posted On: 03/17/1999
  • Notice of Agency Meeting on March 23, 1999
    --Posted On: 03/17/1999
  • The December 1998 Report of Condition and Income (Call Report) and Thrift Financial Report (TFR)- are now available. The updated site now has download capabilities. 
    --Posted On: 03/16/1999

    Y2K The FDIC's Year 2000 pages have a completely new look! The information you want is now easier to find and we've brought Y2K "headlines" to the front page.- Posted On: 03/16/1999

  • The January 1999 Survey of Real Estate Trends is now available at http://www.fdic.gov/bank/analytical/survey/index.html.
    --Posted On: 03/02/1999


  • The results of our recent web site survey.
    --Posted On: 02/16/1999


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