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Consumer News Companion Audio

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FDIC Consumer News
Summer 2013

FDIC Consumer News - Summer 2013 Issue

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15 Quick Tips for Protecting Your Finances
Download the MP3( 6.52 mb) Read the article
How Older Adults Can Steer Clear of Scam Artists
Download the MP3 (6.79 mb) Read the article
Borrowing From Your Home in Retirement? Carefully Research the Benefits and Risks
Download the MP3(6.43 mb) Read the article
Tips for Seniors Wanting to Help Relatives
Download the MP3(3.85 mb) Read the article
Key Facts About Your FDIC Insurance
Download the MP3(1.85 mb) Read the article
For More Help or Information for Seniors and Families
Download the MP3(4.87 mb) Read the article
Don't Get Taken by Wire Transfer Scams
Download the MP3(6.05 mb) Read the article
New Protections for Consumers Sending Money Abroad
Download the MP3(6.52 mb) Read the article
The Comeback of the Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
Download the MP3(3.98 mb) Read the article
Health Savings Accounts: One Way Some Consumers Can Prepare for Medical Bills
Download the MP3(5.29 mb) Read the article
Struggling With a Student Loan? Ask Your Lender for Help
Download the MP3(3.45 mb) Read the article
Updates and Reminders
Download the MP3(3.33 mb) Read the article



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