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Consumer News Companion Audio

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FDIC Consumer News
Spring 2013

FDIC Consumer News - Spring 2013 Issue

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Protecting Your Plastic from High-Tech Criminals
Download the MP3( 6.73 mb) Read the article
What to Know If Criminals Disrupt a Bank's Internet Services
Download the MP3 (1.75 mb) Read the article
Using Technology to Remain Financially Fit
Download the MP3(5.33 mb) Read the article
Contacted By a Debt Collector? Proceed with Caution
Download the MP3(2.66 mb) Read the article
Need Cash Fast? Ask Your Bank
Download the MP3(3.85 mb) Read the article
How to Improve Your Credit History and Pay Less for Loans
Download the MP3(6.14 mb) Read the article
If the Branch You Use Is Closing
Download the MP3(1.89 mb) Read the article
If Your Bank Is Merging
Download the MP3(3.15mb) Read the article
When a Broker Offers a Bank CD: It Pays to Do Some Research
Download the MP3(7.64 mb) Read the article



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