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FDIC Consumer News
Fall 2012

FDIC Consumer News - Fall 2012 Issue

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Where to Begin: Saving and Managing Your Own Money
Download the MP3( 4.6mb) Read the article
If You Need to Borrow for Higher Education
Download the MP3(11.3mb) Read the article
Tips for Teaching Young People About Money
Download the MP3(2.7mb) Read the article
Smartphone Banking: Managing Money on the Move
Download the MP3(2.1mb) Read the article
Simple Ways to Rev Up Your Savings
Download the MP3(7.3mb) Read the article
Providing Financial Aid: Saving for a Child's Future
Download the MP3(3.22mb) Read the article
How to Learn More
Download the MP3(1.8mb) Read the article
For Everyday Banking: Choosing the Best Account for You
Download the MP3(9.1mb) Read the article
Is Debt Weighing You Down?
Download the MP3(3.7mb) Read the article
Build a Good Credit Record: It's Important for Loan and Job Applications
Download the MP3(3.1mb) Read the article
Credit Cards: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes
Download the MP3(4.1mb) Read the article
Avoiding Fraud, Protecting Your Privacy: Best Practices for Young Adults
Download the MP3(4.6mb) Read the article
Auto Loans: How to Get a Good Deal
Download the MP3(4.1mb) Read the article



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