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Multibank 2009-1 RES-ADC Venture LLC
Bid Summary
Multibank 2009-1 RES-ADC Venture, LLC
Date Sold: February 9, 2010

Eastern (E) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Central (C) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Western (W) U.S. Pool Bid in $ Combo Bid Type Combo Bid $ Combo bid Comments
Winning Bid: Rialto Capital Management, LLC / Lennar       E,C,W 171,533,385 Yes Leveraged
Cover: Mariner Real Estate Partners LLC       C, W 55,297,845 Yes Leveraged
Cover: Varde Management, LP 76,820,850   23,955,770       Leveraged
Other bid         167,956,578 Yes Non-Conforming
Other bid       E,W 134,156,736 Yes Leveraged
Other bid       E,C 121,330,232 Yes Leveraged
Other bid       E,C,W 115,603,241 Yes  
Other bid       E,W 102,421,529 Yes Leveraged
Other bid       E,W 84,529,442 Yes  
Other bid       E,C 81,372,419 Yes  
Other bid       E,C,W 76,618,233 Yes Leveraged
Other bid       C, W 70,211,266 Yes Leveraged
Other bid       E,C,W 65,425,735 Yes  
Other bid       E,C,W 60,236,699 Yes  
Other bid       C, W 49,553,879 Yes  
Other bid       E,C 47,588,954 Yes  
Other bid       E,C 43,664,816 Yes  
Other bid     22,800,000       Leveraged
Other bid 36,093,768            
Other bid 38,653,610            
Other bid     22,000,000        
Other bid     24,500,000        
Other bid     21,505,338        
Other bid     29,095,488        
Other bid   8,273,719         Leveraged
Other bid   22,733,970 32,042,955       Leveraged
Other bid 54,332,641 21,997,316 26,091,036        
Other bid     13,915,220       Leveraged
Other bid     22,988,844        
Other bid 92,637,851 28,692,381 41,518,885       Leveraged
Other bid     8,700,000        
Other bid     11,700,000       Non-Conforming
Other bid 66,837,468           Leveraged

Other Bidder Names:

Affilion Capital Management LLC / Reeb
Asset Management Services Enterprises 
Ayres Advisors, LLC
Colony Capital Acquisitions, LLC 
Fortress Invesment / Encore Capital
JLM Financial Investments
Mariner Real Estate 
Milestone Merchant Partners LLC / Oaktree Capital Management
Pacifica Enterprises
Rialto Capital Management, LLC / Lennar
Sequoia Debt Ventures 
Starwood Capital Group 
Varde Partners 


- There are more bids than bidders because one or more bidders submitted more than one bid.
- The Other Bidder Names and the Other Bids are in random order.  There is no linkage between bidder names and bids, except in the case of the    winning bid and the cover bids.  
- The cover bid is the second best bid after excluding all bids submitted by the winning bidder.
- For more information on the bid disclosure policy, see http://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/biddocs.html


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