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Bid Summary
Multibank 2009-1 CRE Venture LLC
Date Sold: July 01, 2010

East Pool Bid
West Pool Bid
Combined Pool Bid
Winning Bid :Colony Capital Acquisitions, LLC     90,506,571 Leveraged
Cover : Celtic Bank Corporation   36,978,000   Leveraged
Cover : LNV Corporation 33,699,420     Leveraged
Other bid 31,985,000     Leveraged
Other bid 30,650,000     Leveraged
Other bid 30,092,865     Leveraged
Other bid 28,454,957     Leveraged
Other bid 16,010,000     Non-Conforming
Other bid 12,400,000     Leveraged
Other bid 10,755,134     Leveraged
Other bid   32,410,000   Leveraged
Other bid   30,178,242   Leveraged
Other bid   29,401,346   Leveraged
Other bid   28,940,001   Leveraged
Other bid   25,598,000   Leveraged
Other bid   24,307,064   Leveraged
Other bid   21,979,792   Leveraged
Other bid   21,750,000   Leveraged
Other bid   21,666,723   Leveraged
Other bid   12,931,000   Leveraged
Other bid   12,928,000   Leveraged
Other bid   12,910,000   Non-Conforming
Other bid   10,330,000   Leveraged
Other bid   9,050,503   Leveraged
Other bid     64,500,000 Leveraged
Other bid     57,595,000 Leveraged
Other bid     41,250,000 Leveraged
Other bid     30,000,000 Non-Conforming
Other bid     28,920,000 Non-Conforming
Other bid     22,720,000 Leveraged
Other bid 29,800,000      
Other bid 26,702,608      
Other bid 13,156,123      
Other bid 11,190,000      
Other bid 10,212,500      
Other bid   31,050,000    
Other bid   25,877,653    
Other bid   20,957,200    
Other bid   19,850,000    
Other bid   12,153,532    
Other bid   12,001,000    
Other bid   9,470,000    
Other bid     48,888,000  
Other bid     20,660,000  

Other Bidder Names:

Asset Management Service Enterprises, LLC.
Bayview Opportunity Master Fund, LP.
Belgravia Capital
Bluerock G8 Capital Fund, LLC.
CVI Global Value Fund US LLC. (East)
CVI Global Value Fund US LLC. (West)
Diversified Business Strategies - Barone, LLC.
First City / Varde Management LP.
Fortress Investment Group, LLC.
H2 Special Opportunities, LP.
iStar Financial Inc.
Loyd Capital Partners, LP.
Millrock Capital, LLC.
Pacifica Companies, LLC.
Rialto Capital Management LLC.
Rockpoint RE Fund III
Sonoran Real Estate Fund, LP.
The Brand Banking Company
The Greenside Fund, LLP.
Trine Capital Group, Inc. (Cobalt)


- There are more bids than bidders because one or more bidders submitted more than one bid.
- The Other Bidder Names and the Other Bids are in random order. There is no linkage between bidder names and bids, except in the case of the winning bid and the cover bid.
- The cover bid is the second best bid after excluding all bids submitted by the winner bidder.
- For more information on the bid disclosure policy, see http://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/biddocs.html

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