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Multibank 2010-2 SFR Venture, LLC

Bid Summary
2010-2 SFR Venture, LLC
Date Sold: June 25, 2010

Winning Bidder: Turning Point Asset Management, LP
Winning Bid: $27.5 million; 50% equity; 1-to-1 leverage

Cover (second place) Bidder: Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.

Cover Bid: $25.0 million; 50% equity; no leverage; no threshold

Other Bidder Names:

Amherst Funding Group, L.P.
LSF6 Mortgage Acquisitions II,LLC
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation

Other Bids - 50% no leverage, no threshold

$18.1 million

$20.3 million

Other Bids - 50% 1-to-1 leverage

$18.6 million


- The Other Bidder Names and the Other Bids are in random order. There is no linkage between bidder names and bids, except in the case of the winning bid and cover bid.

- For more information on the bid disclosure policy, see http://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/biddocs.html.

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