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Bid Summary
2011-1 CRE Venture, LLC
Date Sold: August 10, 2011

Southeast Pool Bid
West / Mid-Atlantic Pool Bid
Midwest Pool Bid
Combined Pool Bid
Winning Bid : COL FIN 2011 CRE Funding, LLC (Colony Capital Acquisitions, LLC)       65,470,785 Leveraged
Cover : Acorn Loan Acquisition Venture V L.P. (Oaktree)       58,881,187 Leveraged
Other bid 14,760,218       Leveraged
Other bid 14,026,677       Leveraged
Other bid 9,597,784       Leveraged
Other bid 8,487,662        
Other bid   21,240,290     Leveraged
Other bid     21,282,220   Leveraged

Other Bidder Names:

HRC SVC Pool II Acquisition LLC (Hudson Realty Capital LLC)
Manchi, LLC


- There are more bids than bidders because one or more bidders submitted more than one bid.
- The Other Bidder Names and the Other Bids are in random order. There is no linkage between bidder names and bids, except in the case of the winning bid and the cover bid.
- The cover bid is the second best bid after excluding all bids submitted by the winning bidder.
- For more information on the bid disclosure policy, see http://www.fdic.gov/about/freedom/biddocs.html

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