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Bank Failures in Brief

There were 4 bank failures in 2001. The list of Bank Failures in Brief was updated through September 7, 2001. Please address questions on this subject to the Customer Service Hotline (telephone: 888-206-4662).


BIF = Bank Insurance Fund
SAIF = Savings Association Insurance Fund

September 7 (BIF)
Sinclair National Bank, Gravette, Arkansas, with total assets of approximately $30.7 million and insured deposits of about $25.3 million, was assumed by Delta Trust and Bank, Parkdale, Arkansas. (PR-63-2001).

July 27 (SAIF)
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation today transferred the insured deposits and substantially all the assets of Superior Bank, FSB, Hinsdale, Illinois, to Superior Federal, FSB (New Superior), a newly chartered, full-service mutual savings bank. Superior Bank, with total assets of $2.3 billion and total deposits of $1.6 billion, was closed earlier today by the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the FDIC was named conservator (PR-52-2001).

May 3 (BIF)
The Malta National Bank, Malta, Ohio, with total deposits of approximately $8.8 million and total assets of $9.5 million, was assumed by North Valley Bank, Zanesville, Ohio (PR-32-2001).

February 2 (BIF)
First Alliance Bank Alliance Bank and Trust Company, Manchester, New Hampshire, with total assets of approximately $18.4 million and total deposits of about $17.5 million assumed by Southern New Hampshire Bank and Trust Company, Salem, New Hampshire (PR-11-2001).

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