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Center for Financial Research

CFR Seminar Series Library - 2011

The Seminar Series of the FDIC's Center for Financial Research, Division of Insurance and Research provides the research community and other interested parties with the results of research efforts by economists in the Division. Since much of the research is ongoing, the authors welcome comments from readers. Seminar Papers should not be reproduced without prior approval from the author.

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March 18 - Compensation, Subordianted Debt, and Risk Managment in Depository Institutions
Paul Kupiec, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Center for Financial Resarch

April 1 - Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine-Learning Algorithms - PDF 6.40 MB (PDF Help)
Andrew W. Lo, MIT Sloan School of Management

April 6 - Assessing the Systemic Risk of a Heterogeneous Portfolio of Banks during the Recent Finanical Crisis - PDF 385 KB (PDF Help)
Hao Zhou, Federal Reserve Board

April 7 - Can Equilibrium-based modeling adequately capture financial and economic reality? - PDF 543 KB (PDF Help)
Harbir Lamba, George Mason University

April 14 - The Economics of Solicited and Unsolicited Credit Ratings - PDF 380 KB (PDF Help)
Paolo Fulghieri, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

April 19 - Credit Availability and the Collapse of the Banking Sector int he 1930's - PDF 272 KB (PDF Help)
Mark Carlson, Federal Reserve Board
Jonathan Rose, Federal Reserve Board

April 22 - Your House or Your Credit Card, Which Would You Choose? Personal Dleinquency Tradeoffs and Precautionary Liquidity Motives - PDF 1.04 MB (PDF Help)
Ethan Cohen-Cole, Univerity of Maryland

April 28 - The Funding Choice of Bank Holding Companies
Jonathan Pogach, Federal Deposit Insurance Croporation and Center for Financial Resarch
Stefan Jacewitz, Federal Deposit Insurance Croporation and Center for Financial Resarch
Paul Kupiec, Federal Deposit Insurance Croporation and Center for Financial Resarch

May 2 - Is US Consumption Sustainable? - PDF 317 KB (PDF Help)
James Einloth, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Center for Financial Research
Christine Lipuma, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Center for Financial Research

May 19 - Is Disclosure an Effective Cleansing Mechanism? The Dynamics of Compensation Peer Benchmarking - PDF 391 KB (PDF Help)
Jun Yang, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University
Michael Faulkender, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

May 23 - Bank Failures During the Crisis: Who Was Expected to Lose and What Does This Mean for Market Discipline? - PDF 12 KB (PDF Help)
Rosalid Bennett, Federal Deopsit Insurance Corporation
Vivian Hwa, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Myron Kwast, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

July 6 - Understanding Bank Supervisors' Risk Assessments: The Influences of Market Conditions and Supervisory Standards - PDF 607 KB (PDF Help)
John O'Keefe, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
James A. Wilcox, University of California, Berkeley

August 3 - Panel LM Unit Root Tests with Trend Shifts - PDF 360 KB (PDF Help)
Kyung So Im, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Junsoo Lee, University of Alabama
Margie Tieslau, Northern Texas University

August 5 - Does Inside Debt Reduce Bank Risk?
Rosalind L. Bennett, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Levent Guntay, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Haluk Unal, University of Maryland and Center for Financial Research, FDIC

September 9 - Does Deposit Insurance Increase Confidence on the Banking System? Evidence from US States Experience during the 1920's
Carlos Ramirez, George Mason University and Center for Financial Resarch, FDIC

October 20 - Roots of Residential Mortgage Delinquencies in U.S.: 2000-2008 - PDF 263 KB (PDF Help)
Gary Fissel, Federal Deopsit Insurance Corporation
Gerald A. Hanweck, George Mason University

November 30 - What Happens to Problem Banks? Evidence from the 1980s amd Guidance for the 2010s
Rebel A, Cole, DePaul University
Timothy J. Curry, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation