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Center for Financial Research

CFR Seminar Series Library - 2007

The Seminar Series of the FDIC's Center for Financial Research, Division of Insurance and Research provides the research community and other interested parties with the results of research efforts by economists in the Division. Since much of the research is ongoing, the authors welcome comments from readers. Seminar Papers should not be reproduced without prior approval from the author.

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January 18 - Too Vulnerable for Microfinance?: Risk and Vulnerability as Determinants of Microfinance Selection - PDF 315kb
Sarah Pearlman, Department of Economics, University of Maryland

January 19 - The Effect of Banking Relationships on the Future of Financially Distressed Firms - PDF 245kb
Claire M. Rosenfeld, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

January 22 - Testing for Unit Roots Using Weighted Moments - PDF 592kb
Kyong So Im, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

January 24 - - PDF 193kb
Stephen A. Kane, Assistant Professor of Finance, Frank Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University, Boston

January 26 - Monetary Policy, the Bond Market, and Changes in FOMC Communication Policy - PDF183kb
Jeffrey Gerlach, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, College of William & Mary

January 30 - Discrimination and Mortgage Lending in Boston: The Effects of Model Uncertainty - PDF 256kb
Cullen Goenner, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of North Dakota

February 1 - High and Low Savers? Circumstances, Patience, and Cognition - PDF 649kb
Laurie Pounder, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Michigan

February 7 - Incentive Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act in California Schools - PDF 439kb
Vivian Hwa, UC Berkeley

February 8 - Rationality in Financial Markets: Evidence from Bank Loan Financing Arrangements and Security Analysts' Earnings Forecasts - PDF 362kb
Lewis Gaul, Boston College

February 9 - Examining the Wealth Effect from Home Price Appreciation - PDF 231kb
Erika Morris, University of Michigan

February 12 - Liquidation Value and Capital Structure in Industry Equilibrium - PDF 219kb
James Einloth, University of California at Los Angeles

February 14 - To Discriminate or Differentiate? Evidence From a Supermarket Chain - PDF 73kb
Charles Taragin, University of Michigan

February 16 - Factors Affecting the Formation of Interest Groups - PDF 567kb
Aileen Sampson, Clemson University

March 2 - Expanding the State Infrastructure Bank Program Commercial Lending Conduits Community Reinvestment Act - PPT 198kb
Robena Reid

March 5 - Wages and Trade: The Mexican Experience - PDF 494kb (PDF Help)
Christian E. Malagon

March 6 - Financial Innovation, Financial Deregulation and Their Effect on Small Financing - PDF 97kb (PDF Help)
Giuseppe Gramigna

March 7 - Identification and Quantification of Incremental Market Risk - PPT 2727kb
Sy Sarkarat

March 14 - Deposit Dollarization Dynamics in a Model of Network Externalities and Hysteresis: The Case of Argentina - PDF 206kb (PDF Help)
Zaid AlBarzinji

March 15 - Ecowas, is there a case for a common currency?
Marcelin Diagne

April 24 - Payday Lenders: Heroes or Villains - PDF 495kb (PDF Help)
Adair Morse

May 1 - Why Basel II May Need a Leverage Ratio Restriction - PDF 201kb (PDF Help)
Juerg M. Blum

May 15 - Managing Finances - PDF 311kb (PDF Help)
William D. Bradford

July 12 - An Integrated Structural Model for Portfolio Market and Credit Risk - PDF (PDF Help)
Paul H. Kupiec

July 17 - An Integrated Structural Model for Portfolio Market and Credit Risk - PDF (PDF Help)
Paul H. Kupiec

August 2 -Do High Debt Payments Hinder Household Consumption Smoothing?
Kathleen Johnson and Geng Li

August 15 - Predatory Lending in a Rational World - PDF 259k (PDF Help)
David Musto

August 16 - Banking and Securitization - PDF 551k (PDF Help)
Wenying Jiangli

August 21 - The Technology Service Provider Event and Reporting Program: State of the Industry Report, 2006 - PDF 141k (PDF Help)
Bob Lee, Martha Solt, Jay Golter, Heater Gratton

October 11 - The Case for a European Banking Charter - PDF 421kb (PDF Help)
Martin Cihak and Jorg Decressin