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Continuing IT Training Program

Virtual Private Networks

Program Overview
This course covers the technologies used to build secure links to private networks across a public infrastructure such as the Internet. You learn about the security issues of remote network access, cryptographic methods for authentication and confidentiality, the IP Security Protocol (IPSec) and network tunneling.

Key Objectives
After completing this course, students will have a solid instruction to key topics related to Information Security including:

  • Discuss what a VPN is
  • Explain why banks are using VPN
  • Understand the Architecture of a VPN
  • Secure a VPN
  • Build and understand a VPN based on IPsec
  • Build and understand a VPN based on PPTP
  • Understand how ISP play a role in VPN
  • Discuss how VPN work through routers/firewalls
  • Understand the differences between hardware and software VPN
  • Understand how to manage a VPN
  • Understand how to Audit a VPN

Instructional Format
Lectures and class discussion.

Three days.


Target Audience
IT Subject Matter Experts and IT Examiners.

Participant should have attended ITEC and all Basic Level courses

Pre-Course Assignment

Special Requirements

Post Course Feedback


More Information
For more information concerning course content, please contact Thomas Tuzinski (703) 254-2235 or regarding course administration contact Kathryn Shipley (703) 516-5071.



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