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Continuing IT Training Program

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Program Overview
This course will assist IT Examiners in understanding, designating, designing, deploying and implementing a Cloud Computing and Server Virtualization solution. It discusses in detail all the latest developments in this area – from administration requirements to the search for industry-wide standards.

Key Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to: understand Server Virtualization and the advantages and disadvantages of Server Virtualization including its risks and security concerns; understand Cloud Computing both in its historical context and how NIST implements it today including Cloud Computing characteristics, deployment models and delivery models; understand the considerations, risks and security concerns associated with Cloud Computing; understand how and what to audit in a virtualized cloud environment; understand high level terms of service that must be addressed in Cloud Computing contracts.

Instructional Format
Lectures and class discussion.

Four and one-half day course.


Target Audience
IT Subject Matter Experts and IT Examiners with significant IT experience and who perform IT examinations at the Type IV level.

Participant should have attended ITEC and all Basic Level and Intermediate Level courses.

Pre-Course Assignment

Special Requirements

Post-Course Feedback


More Information
For more information concerning course content, please contact Thomas Tuzinski (703) 254-2235 or regarding course administration contact Jennifer Futch (703) 516-5342.


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