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Continuing IT Training Program

ACH Payment System Risk Management (102)

Program Overview
Participants will become familiar with the issues, challenges, and strategies for utilizing the ACH system for cash management. Attendees will learn about the newest ACH Operating Rules, the most common exceptions associated with ACH applications and the legal framework governing these payments. The course will also cover compliance with ACH-Related Rules & Regulations.  Attendees will learn the legal framework for processing commercial entries as well as government payments. 

Key Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify credit, operational, fraud, and systemic risk issues;

  • assess risk exposure to a financial institution; and

  • assess compliance with ACH rules and other regulations. 

Instructional Format
Facilitated classroom discussion and lectures.

Three days.


Target Audience
Risk Management Examiners with experience conducting IT examinations, payment system risk reviews, or fraud and AML reviews involving ACH payment systems.

Participant should have attended ITEC.

Pre-Course Assignment

Special Requirements

Post Course Feedback


More Information
For more information concerning course content, please contact Thomas Tuzinski (703) 254-2235 or regarding course administration contact Steven Miller (703) 516-1281.


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