Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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FDIC Consumer News - Winter 2000/2001

Important Update: Changes in FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage

The FDIC deposit insurance rules have undergone a series of changes starting in the fall of 2008. As a result, certain previously published information related to FDIC insurance coverage may not reflect the current rules. For details about the changes, visit Changes in FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage. For more information about FDIC insurance, go to www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/index.html or call toll-free 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342). For the hearing-impaired, the number is 1-800-925-4618.

More Ways to Stop Unwanted Solicitations
Some people want to be on marketers' mailing and telephone lists for new offers, but if you don't, here are some options:
  • You can reduce the number of offers for credit cards, insurance and other financial products that you receive by calling toll-free 888-5-OPTOUT (888-567-8688) to remove your name from marketing lists that the nation's major credit bureaus provide to creditors and insurers.
  • You can cut back on mailings and phone calls from national advertisers by taking advantage of services offered by the Direct Marketing Association. For more information, write to DMA Consumer Affairs, 1111 19th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036, or go to www.dmaconsumers.org on the Internet. To be removed from marketing lists at local businesses, contact them directly.
  • Don't give out personal details (such as your income or buying habits) to people or businesses who ask for it unless you know and approve of how that information will be used. Example: The information you provide when you enter drawings at stores, fill out warranty cards for new products or respond to surveys on the Internet often gets sold or rented to other marketers.

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